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In August, legislators will return to their home districts and meet with constituents. Chapter leaders and members are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with their elected officials and schedule these visits now. Your voice is essential because legislators want to hear from you, their constituents. While legislators are in their home offices during August recess, schedule a visit and meet face-to-face. Members play a critical role in furthering MOAA’s legislative objectives.

To assist you in preparing for these meetings, MOAA has developed all the tools you’ll need for success. Go to to get information about contacting your elected officials, review fact sheets, and find talking points on key issues. Preparation for this meeting is key to its success. Here are some tips:

• Familiarize yourself with MOAA’s positions on significant issues that might arise. Visit for legislative campaigns, contact information for elected officials, and much more.

• Know a legislator’s position on those issues, and be aware of committee assignments and major legislation in which the legislator has shown particular interest. Call MOAA’s Member Service Center at (800) 234-MOAA (6622) or email for the latest status on an issue, a legislator’s co-sponsorship status, and advice on how you might approach a legislator.

• Make sure a legislator understands the purpose of a visit before a meeting. Every lawmaker deals with a wide variety of legislative issues and cannot be expected to be an expert on all of them.

• Become acquainted with the legislator’s local office staff, especially those with responsibility in areas of interest to MOAA members. Don’t consider it a put-down if you don’t get to visit a legislator in person. They are busy and rely on staff for advice.

Marine veteran and Maryland State Senator Steve Waugh summarized a November "Veteran's Summit" in Annapolis. The result is a Veterans' Agenda for the Maryland Assembly. Make your voice heard on this.

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Widow's Tax

Under current law, 63,000 military widows are penalized $15,000 a year because military service caused their servicemember's death. The law requires deduction of the VA annuity for the service-caused death ...

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Tax Exemption

Currently all retirees receive a $5K exemption; those age 65 and above receive $10K. The Governor's two tax relief bills for 100% state exemption of military retired pay have been entered into preliminary evaluation and hopefully passage by both the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates.

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What You Can Do

You may assist by attending committee hearings when MOAA persons testify and by writing your delegates and state senators to become cosponsors and otherwise support the tax exemption certification.


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